The members of the Pallante family have worked as millers in Irpinia as long ago as 1949, at the first water-powered stone mill with its own pasta factory and a production capacity of 25 quintals per day. Today, the modern plant produces 2,900 quintals per day, using a selection of the finest semolina wheat processed through an optimal blend of tradition and technology. Despite the rapid growth in production over the past 10 years, we have proudly maintained the promise made by Attilio Pallante Sr. upon the establishment of the first production plant. He, the true founder of the pasta making tradition, maintained that "quality must never be sacrificed for quantity". The fourth generation of the Pallante Family is now working in the factory of Caserta. The current pasta factory has witnessed exponential growth over time, thanks to significant investments that have secured its position at the forefront in terms of production and quality control of the finished product. From a commercial perspective, the Pastificio Antonio Pallante (PAP) has evolved from a company with the ability to meet the local market demand to an international model exporting to numerous countries. In fact, today our clientele includes several major global traders and chains.

High-technology production and process mechanization have enabled the company to succeed in a competitive marketplace, offering products of superb quality at reasonable prices. The total area of the factory is 25,200 square meters, of which 17,743 square meters are within the covered facility. Pastificio Attilio Pallante employes 45 staff members, while the warehousing operations and other secondary activities are outsourced.

The company’s location, just five minutes from the Caserta Sud motorway, guarantees easy access to the main sea outlets of Naples and Salerno as well as a direct link with the Naples-Milan motorway, known as the Autostrada del Sole.
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